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Apart from massages, walks in the forest ... are you dreaming of a special cares coming as a response to your personal needs, listening to your possible tensions and your path of Life?

When: Upon previous reservation, according to the offers.


This millennial therapy contributes to the balance and the re-harmonization of body and mind.

Through gentle manual techniques, energy will be transmitted to you to overcome the blockages caused by stress and traumatic life events.

In the gentle presence of Daniel, Level II of Reïki.

€ 60 the 60 mn


Time to breathe, practice yoga to relax, connect to your body and vitality for 75 to 120 minutes. In the morning to start the day or late afternoon to better approach dinner time and your evening, in the peace of mind. Offer confirmed subject to availability for 4 to 8 persons on small groups or else on a private session.

With the guidance of Hermance in English, Yoga certified teacher.

From € 15 per person, upon request and quotation


Because mental well-being naturally induces a more peaceful life, we wanted to open a door to the hypnotic process.

An opportunity to explore different areas according to your interests or concerns:

... How to best enter into relationships: as part of an accompaniment to calm certain human relationships and find a new balance, or overcome shyness to express yourself in public

... How to start a new life project... learn to boost your motivation and implement a strategy of success to achieve your goals

... How to mourn, to develop new skills...

Learning the hypnotic process in order to be able to practice self-hypnosis is part of this rich teaching which is offered to you over a minimum of 2 hours of time by Alexandro, a practitioner in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in french language. Offer upon request.
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