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Massages, treatments & Thala-source®

« A cosy and warm cocoon nestled in the middle of the wilderness of the high plateaus. Here you go for a thala-source wellness cure. The program includes hydrotherapy treatments with spring water, rituals inspired by the land (wraps based on volcano clay, scrubs with volcanic sand). Reconnection to the nature guaranteed. »
(Madame Figaro, March 2018)


“Now & Here” belongs to those who know how to marvel at and wonderfully applies to a place in the middle of Nowhere ;-).
Only the capability to tame the Now instant and to rejoice can bring us happiness. Are your definitely looking for a precious moment just for you?

The « instants d’Absolu » secluded Spa features signature treatments inspired by a volcanic land, both for its energetic wellness and local plants and ingredients. Plenty of opportunities for ultimate moments of pleasure and well-being.

45 to 90-minute energetic massage, almost a journey. From € 95.
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In our treatment cave, in the expression of your intention and the exchange with our massage practician, trained in intuitive massage, you will be able to experience - depending on how long you wish to tune yourself most naturally to the symphony of the world - a body care for a (re)connection to the vital energy and a more fluid circulation.

€ 95 to 165
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Would you like to spend 2 hours together in the hammam, sauna and outdoor bath?

Ideal in the middle of a stay, a morning to bubble: this offer includes loofah & black soap for a time for yourself in the steam bath as well as a light lunch.

€ 160 - 120 mn. for 2 persons  When?: from 10:00 to 12:00 am .


Wishing a privileged access to the Spa, in total serenity for 2 hours time?

Here is a very special moment for 2 only, including luffa & black soap for a personal scrub at the steam bath, a 45 mn massage per person and a Skinjay sensitive shower with essential oils.

€ 265 - 120 mn. for 2 persons When?: from 10:00 to 12:00 am ., upon previous booking.  


Are you dreaming of a thalasso on the Atlantic or mediterranean cost? Or else of thermal baths?

INDULGE IN A SWEET WELLNESS EXPERIENCE: thala-source® in the Auvergne's Wilderness!

On a 1 to 3 day-care, thala-source® is based on an individualized care, on a couple basis.
Using the healing and beneficial properties of the volcanic land for your health and wellbeing (exfoliating cream made volcanic sand, wraps with a natural mixture of clay and volcanic silt), together with our mineralized spring water, here is an invitation to Wilderness Wellness. A reconnection to Nature and a real chance to breathe fresh air in the heart of a natural park: the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne.

€ 195 per person for a morning-care, on the basis of 2 persons (to be added to the half-board accommodation package) When: Offer to be spread over 1 to 3 days - from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm., Vitality lunch included. Upon previous booking.
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