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In June 2010, "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa opened its doors in the heart of the secret Auvergne region.

Its first mission was to create a place of well-being and rejuvenation in the four seasons, with a call to listen to our own seasons through a mirror effect and the power of nature as a lever for change.

Beyond the Parisians, Lyonnais or Bordelais that we received in this place inviting to extract itself from the noise of the world, the Auvergnats immediately answered present, by appropriating the lodge and their territory.

Seeing them come to spend the weekend in a staycation approach made us quickly aware of the current need for rest as much as for a change of scenery. The shores of Lac du Pêcher and the Pinatelle forest, in the heart of which this place is set like a jewel, undoubtedly offer a place to reconnect with oneself and one's family. A staycation which, after this period of festivity, can happily rhyme with detox and which we reserve above all the Auvergnats a stay like no other, not necessarily in weekend mode but, in view of what we’ve learnt from this newfound slow weather: in inspiring week.

But still... in this almost post-pandemic period, we can feel the intelligence of a new offer: the workation or the invitation to come and live and combine work and holiday in an extraordinary natural setting, where to draw energy from the forest and inspiration from the lake. And what if workation would rhyme with inspiration?

In the midst of the pandemic, big-city palaces have seized on workation as a way to work away from home or the office, while nurturing a sense of holiday and regeneration.

Beyond the rooms, the Spa and the restaurant, "instants d'Absolu" is a place... in the heart of nature, inspiring, and even more so an art of living as close to nature as possible, listening to oneself, for a different, renewed offer. Perhaps you should ask your boss to renew yourself and give the best of yourself at the heart of a project that requires inspiration and creativity. How does it sound?

Take a look at our offers: https://www.ecolodge-france.com/offers-4-seasons-auvergne-france/ Upon request throughout the year.

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