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Happy New Year under the sign of Nature!

Nature rediscovered, for the better!

By adopting a lab-oratory approach to life...

Let’s wish you not only a happy new year 2020 but also a wonderful new decade... under the sign of Nature rediscovered for the very best of our own human nature. Because this is all One.

In our dynamic of evolution, we’re still cherishing and going further carrying our lab-oratory of an ecolodge, in a more global dynamic of ecotourism for this wonderful Pinatelle forest, land of good living.

From the recurring requests of our guests ("when you go on holiday, where do you go?"), we’re glad to share that we have created a website as a collection of Wow ecolodges worldwide : www.thebestofnature.net

A site willing to offer you, more than places, transforming experiences of (re)connection to Nature and to our own nature: www.thebestofnature.net - where we’re happy to also introduce our own ecolodge to our foreign guests, as well as many other destinations according to the Elements and ecosystems.

With our very best wishes.

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